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February 2015

nessc_me Last night’s terrific on School Culture is now archived: storify.com/nessc_me/edcha…. Thanks, @ktempletongsp

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Politico: “In the high-stakes world of American education, Pearson makes money even when results don’t measure up” politi.co/1GirpRw

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BDN: “The Next Generation Foundation Invests in Aroostook Aspirations Initiative” bit.ly/17FiRYR

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The Atlantic on competency-based learning: “Getting credit for what you know,” rather than how you learned it - theatln.tc/1ETtD8P

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“The yawning gap between rich and poor is no longer a matter of simple justice but also the enemy of human happiness” bit.ly/1Ez7Kvd

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Carol Dweck on growth mind-Sets and equitable education (What are the connections with positive youth development?) bit.ly/19kfYy7

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Gallup: “Nearly 7 of every 10 Maine workers are not engaged in their jobs.” Nationally, millenials are least engaged. bit.ly/1CvQtmZ

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In case you missed it, here’s an overview of the Senate debate on education law from Wednesday - wapo.st/1vMl2FF

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American Freshman Survey of 153,000 first year students: Incoming students’ “emotional health” is at all-time low - bit.ly/171nAnC

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Harvard’s Agency by Design team has been debating “the use of the word failure in education” and design thinking - bit.ly/1FGHL6a

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MPBN Radio: Rural schools: the past, present and future, and why they matter (50m 55s audio) - bit.ly/1FzzLDW

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Edutopia: The : customized learning, embedded technology, ongoing feedback - - bit.ly/1M9BeWa

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MLHacks Hope ya’ll are having a good time sharing ideas & building amazing hacks! Remember that hackathons are for learning! pic.twitter.com/bFBRf8AaI4

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MLHacks Early morning Oculus Rifting at pic.twitter.com/0x1mkfFb5q

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@cianchette Thank you for sharing your experiences with them. We’ll see which ones take the next steps toward startups.

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MLHacks @JayCollier Can’t wait to see what these bright minds can come up with at !

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The hackers start sharing ideas. Which will survive the collective gauntlet? pic.twitter.com/VZs0eL2CYo

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And they’re off! is underway. We’ll see what they look like (and what they’ve created) Sunday am @MLHacks pic.twitter.com/ohmdsQPiWm

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Jason @cianchette kicks off weekend with lessons from LiquidWireless & now Huzzapp goo.gl/ULlwF1 pic.twitter.com/o6L60AXudq

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Pleased to be at the first CBB Hackathon. Here’s today backgrounder in The Bowdoin Orient bit.ly/1DK1rEJ

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BowdoinITAC Why every Maine student should descend on @BowdoinCollege this weekend contributors.pressherald.com/business/the-s…

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BowdoinCollege The first-ever Bowdoin Hackathon with @ColbyCollege and @BatesCollege starts today, hosted by @BowdoinITAC! bit.ly/1GZq7Pq

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derekpost Upgrading my assessment. @MITAppInventor is the bees knees. Can develop an app to detect and share my GPS coordinates lickitysplit.

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py2dgs Hi @MITAppInventor mini robots controlled by appinventor, take a look at youtube.com/watch?v=YXHRkX…

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MrYongpradit Teachers, sign up to learn how to teach new AP course, CS Principles, using @MITAppInventor mobile-csp.org/participate

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MITAppInventor Eight Student Teams Win ‘Best in Nation’ in National Verizon Innovative App Challenge - About Verizon verizon.com/about/news/eig…

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dollsullME Do you know a great teacher? Nominate them for 2015 County Teacher of the Year! Deadline is 2/20 mainetoy.org

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Vermont Ed Commissioner: Invest in after-school and year-round learning opportunities to help close achievement gap - bit.ly/16mzUyl

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eknight New post: Emerging Approaches and Themes for 2015: erinknight.com/post/109202361…

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Are Soft Skills the real education “gap” (“mismatch”) between what higher ed teaches and what employers want? - bit.ly/1z6uwpN

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