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April 14th, 2014

DrewetteCard “Proficiency is the ability for students to transfer learning across areas.”

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DrewetteCard “School improvement is context-based, not one size fits all.”-The Case for Proficiency @nessc_me

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In RSU3, students can demonstrate/get credit for habits of mind through offsite ELO, thegameloft.org via @hperrysup

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Phillip Schlechty: “Systems change without cultural change cannot be sustained.” catdir.loc.gov/catdir/samples… via @principaljo

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Heather Perry: To facilitate change to student-centered learning, start with “why” — the reasons students benefit4@hperrysupp

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When parents don’t engage, it may be because they had bad memories of their school experience. We need to go to them.

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DrewetteCard John Hattie’s Research on Effective Practices for Student Learning drive.google.com/file/d/0B0nnnc…

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Bill Zima: We need to be clear about what we expect of each student and provide feedback to help them move forward.

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How do ELOs that activate student passion (and draw parents) fulfill the need for engagement, and align with standards?

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Heather Perry RSU 3: We need to help students learn anytime, anywhere. Engage them where they are. Offer a safe place.

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John Davis RSU57: How do you teach children whose parents and communities are not engaged? Who don’t come to school?

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marcprensky Outdated: Having students all do the same thing at once. Better: assigning goals & letting each kid reach them in their own way.

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Alberta is “transforming K-12 curriculum to ensure students have the right skills and knowledge for the 21st century” bit.ly/1eADzMF

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Bill Zima: To engage students, include Autonomy, Mastery, Purpose (built on transparent standards) youtube.com/watch?v=wdzHgN…

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Video: Middle school student checks in on progress each morning and plans a day of learning: maine.gov/doe/cbp/videos…

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MTOY2014 Focusing on Learning Progressions at pic.twitter.com/q0UEAf7g7X

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How can we integrate Guiding Principles/21st-century skills into learning progressions? Idea: pic.twitter.com/68do0t8CL6

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lsquar3d In proficiency-based learning continuous improvement never ends.

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Why: We can help our young learners thrive in their lives during and beyond school. It’s more about people than systems.

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lsquar3d In addition to the why, you need buy in from all stakeholders involved in the education of our students. @R75TchngLrng

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Yes! @R75TchngLrng: “Hard to do the heavy lifting without a clear mission and vision” [@PrincipalJo: Need the “why” first!]

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Fritz Mosher: Learning progressions include not only the standards, but also the ways students are organizing their learning

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Mt. Ararat MS in Topsham has been integrating “learning progressions” into ELA and SS since 2011, now adding NGSS

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R75TchngLrng Ready to learn from colleagues at Pathways to Proficiency @MaineASCD

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DrewetteCard Alright : I’m here at . If ur here, come say high. If ur not here, I’ll be dropping edu-bombs here all day.

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