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September 27th, 2012

@fredsheahan Thanks for reading, Fred! I’ll bet you would have liked that conference.

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#Netflix fail: Silverlight no longer supports Mac/Chrome; no instant watch. Time to spend on #Hulu again …

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RT @socialmediaweek What does an open and connected city look like? @DTapscott on Bogota as an example: http://t.co/ScA3IzsK #SMW12

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@Neilstephenson BTW, I can’t wait to learn more about your project. I understand congratulations are in order for persistence.

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It appears that #Education #Scotland drank the Koolaid. Is the excitement universal? #Glow http://t.co/Khal83Ju

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(A personal favorite)

Knowing why beats knowing how. “Strategy always outperforms skill.” by @whitneyhess via @ideafood http://t.co/eSgvm20d

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Gizmodo: Facebook now records all of your searches in the activity stream - http://t.co/BNoidnLQ

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