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January 11th, 2011

@funnymonkey I see it now, and your comment makes perfect sense to me. Have you considered offering a service?

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@funnymonkey Thanks Bill. Don’t see that comment yet, but I’ll check back later.

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RT @TEDchris My dazzling Zoe: snapshots of a life cut short http://bit.ly/hq0bTn

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@melicharlie @markgr Twitter works best as a pulse-taker, but not a tool for sustained collaboration. I need threads, versions, more depth.

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@markgr @TobyDiva Even more than “connecting,” I’d suggest Twitter is about “collecting” for a purpose.

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Is there numerological significance to 1-11-11?

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RT @janusboye RT @wired: Twitter’s response to WikiLeaks subpoena should be the industry standard - http://bit.ly/emNDWf

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Torn, today, between the local and global, one and many, yin and yang. Must we choose? http://bit.ly/fKSD01 http://bit.ly/hxiXjS

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