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November 4th, 2010

RT @AngelaMaiers Gathering a new tribe of storytellers: change-makers, marketers, creatives, and innovators! http://bit.ly/d7SvFA

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@mryand Thank you! I just realized that #facebook relative dates are actually permalinks to pageviews. Now, a scraper to archive them?

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RT @funnymonkey Using a mildly flawed system consistently is better than using nothing in hopes of a perfect system coming along.

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@funnymonkey Yes. Formulists.com met my first need (suggesting people to follow). Now, I want a way to archive my favorite in-depth posts.

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@funnymonkey Perhaps a chicken and egg question. Must #facebook = trivial? Or, could it be meaningful with some tweaking? Hmmm. Never mind.

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Hey, I only just noticed. There are no permalinks on Facebook! I can’t save a URL to something interesting. That’s just not right.

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Looking for a service that will automatically save Facebook items into an external archive to record thoughtful posts. Ideas?

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We need more sophisticated ways to evaluate success in the exchange of knowledge between our schools and our students. http://bit.ly/bX3UJJ

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