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January 3rd, 2010

Released next revision of Bates Social. Split contributions into a separate screen. http://home.bates.edu/vi…

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cshirky 1/2 Twitter+Wiki; 1 page, 1 question: If you were going to found a new college today, what would you do? http://bit.ly/7aTLaq

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@patrlynch I don’t know much about the SkyNet. Suggested link to comparisons with Avatar’s humorless RDA?

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lonniehodge RT @danwei: GFW outage: A brief breakdown of the Great FireWall. http://bit.ly/7s2ftT Alas, not in GZ

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patrlynch Best compilation site for iSlate rumors: http://gizmodo.com/54345…

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Is Avatar a $300 mil. indictment of American exceptionalism? Anthropology, Iraq, divine mission. http://bit.ly/5rkGOt http://bit.ly/1sRDHj

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